As expressive as paintings and as engaging as antiques, houseplants bring life to every room. For those with botanically bereft homes invest a little time and love in a graceful green roommate and reap the rewards all year around.

Botanique is a verdant venture, established by Alyson Mowat with the ethos of elevating plants to works of art. Botanique can offer bespoke services to architects, interior designers and businesses, as well as for the home.

Alyson trained as a graphic designer and worked in fashion and the jewellery business for many years. With her focus on hand-crafted, artisan pieces Alyson draws on her passion for style and beautiful things when selecting plants and designing the collections.

“My story is one of cultivation, curation and adventures across the globe in search of green inspiration. In my desire to celebrate nature yet remain firmly rooted in the urban jungle of London, I have established Botanique to create natural scenes and lush backdrops in city settings.

Terrariums have the ability to transform your living or working environment. These miniature biospheres deliver an injection of low-maintenance natural beauty and glamour -- without the slugs, bad weather and hard labour.”